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Welcome to TRANSOR!

TRANSOR - Filtration system - safe, reliable, customer specific

Since 30 years the TRANSOR edge filter principle is a synonym for optimal solutions when it comes to media free fine filtration. Advancements in the manufacturing and tooling industry demand closer tolerances, superior surface finishes, automation and unattended operations in most machining processes. Increased productivity considering the ecological aspects of the machine also demand the periphal equipment of to develop. The majority of machine tool grinders are equipped with simple paperband or cartridge filters for the treatment of coolants. Although these systems have limited filtration efficiency they are "low budget" items and are therefore widely supplied with the original machine tool. During the machine operation however, these systems create considerable operating costs for filter media (paper rolls, cartridges etc.), oil drag out losses, disposal costs and the need for high attendance. In precision machining the filtration efficiency of these systems turns out to be not sufficient with all negative effects to the machining process.

TRANSOR provides you with a cleaner and safer environment thanks to a filtration down to 3 Micron.